Praise for Zach's new book, The Permaculture Market Garden: A visual guide to a profitable whole-systems farm business

What I am presenting to you is a discussion that ties many individual components into a unified whole. The ideas are designed to advance the concept of profit resilience. I refer to profit resilience in the sense that farm profitability is derived from active support of ecosystem services through improving farm regenerative productivity now and into the future. In other words, the means of production is regenerated by the mode of production. Now, because farm transitions need to maintain and even improve current profits and efficiencies. But more importantly, we must plan into the future, because productivity must marry sustainability, renewing the resources needed for production through the overall long-term process. For instance, market gardens should regenerate soil by increasing organic matter, biological diversity and soil aggregates through the very use of these soil assets in farm production.
— Zach Loeks, an excerpt from The Permaculture Market Garden
Bringing permaculture’s holistic thinking to the problems of market farming, Zach Loeks has done this burgeoning economic sector a world of good with his pithy words and lovely drawings. Not a book about carrots, but one in which vegetables, children, customers, trees, vision, and earthworms shape a matrix of success. Business planning was never before this colorful, soulful, or needed for the times.
— Peter Bane, author, The Permaculture Handbook
A legacy of grateful land is surely a memorial that can capture both our imagination and our physical effort. Such a sacred mission deserves the level of thought Zach beckons us to pursue. Engaging in this discovery and planning process is worth the effort, and Zach gives us another tool to engage more strategically. Now get out paper, pencil, ruler, and graph paper. It’s that simple, and that rewarding.
— Joel Salatin, Polyface Farm
There are few books that delight the senses, satisfy the scientific itch and leave the inner environmentalist contented. I’m indebted to Zach for his work, not only for my own education, but for the many clients that seek a tome of collected wisdom as they embark into their own farming dreams.
— Javan K. Bernakevitch, B. Comn, All Points Land Design