Holistic health is about finding a balance between what you give your body and what you ask of it.

Kylah Dobson, Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner (CNTP), brings a warm presence, personal experience and professional knowledge to guiding clients toward their goals. Specializing in digestive disorders, chronic disease, hormone balancing, adrenal fatigue, weight balancing and fertility, Kylah also regularly leads inspiring and educational group seminars and lectures on sustainable health and wellness.

Join us in the bright beautiful kitchen at the Kula Permaculture Farm to create a delicious seasonal feast!

  • Focus is on easy ways to cultivate a rhythm of clean eating into everyday life and for our time together to leave you feeling excited + inspired + well nourished!
  • Learn hands-on, practical, time-saving tips, tricks and techniques to prepare healthy nourishing meals with ease
  • All recipes gluten + dairy free + you will go home with an abundance of new, easy meal ideas
Each time you eat is an opportunity to nourish your body and feed your soul
— Kylah Dobson