Read and agree to the following terms to register for your CSA basket. We are so excited to share our fresh vegetables with you!

By signing up for a CSA or market share you commit to

  • Picking up my share on time, each week, at my chosen pick-up location (we suggest pre-marking your calendar with all the pick-up dates)
  • Arranging with friends or family to pick up my share if I am unable, if not, I understand that I will lose my share that week (we will donate or compost it)? Due to the number of shareholders involved, pickup times and locations are not flexible once you have chosen one (with the exception of your 3 vacation weeks – see our website for details)
  • Registering my delivery holds (AKA ‘vacation weeks’) and my make-up shares no later than SUNDAY at noon of the week I would like the changes made
  • Paying for my share on-time (sorry no refunds)
  • Bringing my own box, bag, bin or basket to take home my share of the harvest
  • Making changes to my diet to incorporate new vegetables and to planning meals with seasonal harvests in mind
  • Educating myself about what it means to participate in Community Supported Agriculture and reading the ‘About CSA’ page of the RHG website thoroughly
  • Accepting with grace and understanding if the forces of nature, beyond the farmers control, make certain crops unavailable

As the farmers we commit to

  • Doing our very best to provide you with an assortment of high quality in-season Certified Organic vegetables
  • Using our combined experience, available infrastructure, equipment and techniques to mitigate any challenges presented by weather, insects, or plant disease that might effect our harvest
  • Providing storage tips and recipe ideas through our newsletter and on this website
  • Inviting our shareholders to the farm for a tour and celebration of local foods each season
  • Providing opportunities to shareholders who wish to take part in farm work

Together we commit to

  • Contributing to a more healthy, safe and socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable food system
  • Enriching the fabric of our community through the production, consumption and celebration of local foods
  • Learning from one another, and providing gentle feedback that allows us both to improve our roles in the local food system