Custom Design Work

Custom Design Work


$105/hour. Estimates available. Click on the image just above to read more...

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  • Design Concept sketches to outline a project
  • Finalized Design sketches with measurements and specifics for a project
  • Tools, supply and equipment lists and suppliers for a project
  • Rough budgets for projects
  • Property layouts & maps

Topics for Design & Consultation

  •     orchards, food forests, edible landscaping, organic gardens
  •     purchasing the right plot of land
  •     fertility/nutrient management
  •     pest and disease management
  •     crop and variety selection
  •     prioritizing investments in infrastructure, equipment, storage facilities etc.
  •     incorporating permaculture principles into your operation (getting 5 uses out of every investment you make!)
  •     permaculture landscape design
  •     developing a loyal customer base
  •     marketing on-line, through farmer’s markets and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
  •     storing vegetables for optimal quality and freshness
  •     developing efficient systems for opening up new land, creating beds, weeding, harvesting, post-harvesting handling, storage etc.
  •     sourcing the materials and supplies required to set-up a commercial farm operation
  •     ergonomics of working on a farm to maintain optimal form and efficiency of motion
  •     budgets! budgets! budgets!
  •     time management and maintaining quality of life