Kula Permaculture Farm is a 50 acre farm nestled into the lush rolling hills of the upper Ottawa Valley in Ontario, Canada.

This beautiful four season farm is situated on a parcel of the 350 acres stewarded by the Dobson and Loeks families and comprises a diverse landscape of farmland, forest gardens, orchards, meadows, wetlands and woodlands. The farm was established by Kylah Dobson and Zach Loeks in 2007 and now includes their two daughters Dayvah and Rainah. This is the 7th generation of Dobsons to be living on and working the land. The farm is bordered by 100 acres of organic hay fields owned by the Loeks family and 200 acres of verdant pasture rotationally grazed by livestock and fowl on the Dobson family farm. 

Our Activities

The farm distributes freshly harvested vegetable baskets throughout the upper Ottawa Valley, mail order heirloom seed garlic across Canada and consult worldwide. On-site we also have a dedicated yoga studio and offer children’s summer camps. The farm is Certified Organic and uses permaculture design and growing techniques as published in Zach’s book The Permaculture Market Garden. Visit the farm in person by attending one of our many seasonal events or workshops on sustainable agriculture and healthy living, by booking a private tour or by staying in one of our off-grid cabins through AirBnB. 

The Geography

The farm stretches along glacial moraine with irrigation ponds and reforestation to the northwest. Fruit and nut orchards and research guilds line either side of the ridge that divides the market garden and heirloom garlic plots to the south. On the hilltop our off-grid farm centre holds our solar energy system, pump-system and houses on-farm workshops. Beside it our yurt is home to on-farm yoga classes, kids camps and festivals. We have cabins nestled along our sugar maple lined drive, an award-winning (ice-powered) root cellar buried into the hillside and a spacious barn and wash area for managing our farm production. We are a Guild Enterprise Farm: integrating market vegetables, heirloom seed production, as well as education and consulting.

The Farm Centre

The farm centre is a unique two story off-grid building used for community gatherings, on-site festivals, cooking classes, sustainable living workshops, yoga retreats and permaculture training. It is also periodically available for rent through Airbnb. Inside the farm centre is a spacious, bright and beautiful commercial kitchen and dining area. Upstairs contains a large open gathering space, library, as well as overnight accommodations. This uniquely minimalist and modern space, built using many local, natural materials has a warm and welcoming feeling and can accommodate approximately 20 people for group teachings and 8 overnight guests.

Book our services to integrate permaculture principles into your farm or homestead

Book our services to integrate permaculture principles into your farm or homestead