Zach Loeks grew up in New Mexico on a permaculture homestead. Kylah Dobson was raised on an organic farm in the Ottawa Valley. Together they now run an off-grid permaculture farm in the Ottawa Valley.


Zach is an educator, designer/consultant and farmer in Ontario and has a degree in Environmental Geography from Concordia University. He teaches soil science at Algonquin College and Rootcellar Design at Yestermorrow Design/Build School. He also runs workshops on and off the farm on topics ranging from organic gardening and garlic production to off-grid living and farm design. His research and farming practices emphasize integrating diversity, conserving soil and maximizing farm ecosystem services while maintaining high productivity. He is also the author of The Permaculture Market Garden, a vibrant guide to sustainable market gardening and agro-ecological land patterning.

With a degree in Environmental Geography from Concordia University, Kylah spent several years working as a private land stewardship consultant for the Ministry of Natural Resources. Kylah runs the behind-the-scenes as aspect of the farm and manages its markets and CSA. She also works as a Holistic Nutrition Therapist and registered yoga teacher. Kylah teaches cooking and wellness workshops in the farms on-site commercial kitchen. She is a seasoned photographer and developer of healthy, whole foods recipes. Her photography, writing and recipe work can be found both in print and online on her own lifestyle and wellness website for health-conscience mothers, Seasonally Nourished.