Full-day, hands on workshops on how to live and garden sustainably.

Zach Loeks provides one-day workshops on-site at the Kula Permaculture Farm for those interested in sustainable living and growing. Sharing his experience, expertise and enthusiasm, he aims to inspire you to take your dreams from simply ideas to a living reality.


  •     orchards, food forests, edible landscaping, organic gardens
  •     purchasing the right plot of land
  •     fertility/nutrient management
  •     pest and disease management
  •     crop and variety selection
  •     prioritizing investments in infrastructure, equipment, storage facilities etc.
  •     incorporating permaculture principles into your operation (getting 5 uses out of every investment you make!)
  •     permaculture landscape design
  •     developing a loyal customer base
  •     marketing on-line, through farmer’s markets and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
  •     storing vegetables for optimal quality and freshness
  •     developing efficient systems for opening up new land, creating beds, weeding, harvesting, post-harvesting handling, storage etc.
  •     sourcing the materials and supplies required to set-up a commercial farm operation
  •     ergonomics of working on a farm to maintain optimal form and efficiency of motion
  •     budgets! budgets! budgets!
  •     time management and maintaining quality of life

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